International Solidarity Forum and JPII Seminar

“I have followed the work of the World Youth Alliance from the very beginning…No other organization of its kind –if, indeed, there are any other organizations of its kind – has in so short a time done so much to promote, particularly among the young people of the world, the dignity of the human person as the basis and focal point of every individual’s life-project.” (Senator Francisco Tatad)



The late John Paul II’s depth of understanding regarding the human person has been a rich stimulus to the thought and work of the World Youth Alliance.   On March 27 we explored themes relating to the dignity of the person and freedom, democracy, peace and solidarity in the context of a one-day seminar.  The idea for the seminar originated as a way to honor his unique contribution to modern thought in connection with the first anniversary of his death.  Considering John Paul II’s great love for the youth of the world, it was natural to pair this special seminar with the WYA’s most important annual training event, the International Solidarity Forum (ISF), which picked up some of the themes of the John Paul II Seminar and focused in on good governance and corruption. 

ISF participants, local youth, UN delegates, guests and benefactors filled the Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium at the United Nations to hear the reflections of philosophers, public leaders and the pope’s biographer on their personal experience and contact with the life and thought of this extraordinary man.

Mr. Shashi Tharoor, Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public InformationWelcome

H.E. Alojz Peterle, former Prime Minister of SloveniaIntroductory remarks: John Paul II – Pope of Strong Faith and Human Dignity

George Weigel  – Introduction to the life and work of John Paul II

Professor Wojciech Roszkowski MEP Solidarity & the influence of John Paul II

Ambassador Bahemuka – Kenya: Building democracy through non-violence

Senator Kit Tatad The Effect of Corruption on Democracy

Habib MalikHuman Dignity and its Discontents

Rabbi David NovakDignity of the person, freedom, human rights

Kathryn Hoomkwap
Social development and the human person

The texts of the speeches are posted as they are made available

Good Governance Declaration