Introducing the WYA Bangladesh Chapter

Founding members of the WYA Bangladesh Chapter

This March, World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) officially launches a new country chapter in Bangladesh, and the first WYA Chapter in South Asia. Now officially known as the WYA Bangladesh Chapter, the group was founded by WYA Certified Member, Pradipto Rakshit, and is currently being led by him and his team of WYA Members from Bangladesh, namely, Debraz DebMehedi Hasan Robin, Immanuel Shovon Mondol, Shifat Jahan Shifa, Ashim Shil Piyal, Prakash Das, and Sondey Islam. The Chapter is now welcoming members who are interested to share the mission of the World Youth Alliance across the country.

The intent to open a WYA Chapter came a year after Mr. Rakshit’s completion of the WYA Certified Training Program (CTP), and shortly after initiating a media project with the WYAAP office in response to his personal conviction to promote the idea of human dignity in his community.

“I didn’t have a proper understanding of ‘human dignity’ before taking the Track A training [CTP] from WYA back in 2016. The training, although online, was an eye-opening experience for me from multiple levels. I got to learn what it meant for a person to have dignity, how to exercise ‘freedom’ meaningfully, what the relation was in between human rights & human dignity, and finally which laws and regulations internationally protected human rights and dignity. Well, after the successful completion of the training and being the certified member of WYA, I’ve felt like I should do something to promote the lessons I’ve learned.”

When asked about why he decided to open a Chapter: “I believe the importance of spreading the message that human dignity needs to be respected, protected and defended cannot be ignored. And that’s why I want to open a WYA country chapter here so that I can work continuously in collaboration with WYA to raise public awareness for human dignity and human rights in Bangladesh.”  Mr. Rakshit shares.

Catch the WYA Bangladesh Chapter grow and progress by joining their local efforts in promoting human dignity across the country.

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