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Join us in celebrating WYA’s work to give a generation of young people the tools to foster authentic human development in their communities around the world. Engaging one person at a time, WYA’s clear understanding of the value of human life has inspired over a million young people. Formed by WYA, members and alumni return to their businesses, firms, funds, and institutions better able to value and serve the human person. Read about a few of our inspiring members in the featured campaign, “It Started with the Charter.” View highlights from our past year in the 2014 Annual Report.

Invite your friends to join WYA! New members are always welcome and can join exciting upcoming events for the remainder of the year.

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“It Started With the Charter” Campaign

For over sixteen years, young people from all corners of the world, with backgrounds in law and politics, journalism, arts, and finance, have been coming to WYA to deepen their understanding and refine their defense of the value of human life. We have gathered a few stories that highlight the breadth of the impact our members have made. As you read their personal journeys, we invite you and your friends to consider whether joining the million in signing WYA’s Charter will help you to realize your own goals and aspirations. Click here to view the campaign.

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WYA Releases 2014 Annual Report

We are pleased to present our 2014 Annual Report, where you can read more about our most recent accomplishments and continuing projects. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to you our members and benefactors who have made possible all of our work. As we move forward in 2015, we continue to rely on your generous support and we are happy to offer the opportunities to give a gift and to join the 15 Campaign.

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