JP Tecson

JP is a graduate of Public Administration and is working with The Development Executive Group, one of the leading membership organizations in international development, as a Member Support and Administration Officer. She has labelled herself the most inactive member of the Philippine Committee but attempts to make up by prodding her brother on as an intern in the Manila office. She promises to make up by joining more GK builds and maybe a lecture or two. Aside from WYA, she does research for, an organization that promotes voters education and transparency in government.

Her voice can be heard from a mile a way and she is trying to use that to her advantage by singing in a rock band. She is very passionate about food will go through great lengths for a great meal. Lately, she has discovered the joys of reading, especially as a sleeping aid. She would like to someday (specifically before she’s 30) intern at WYA’s New York office or under the comic Rex Navarette.