Karl Graf von Ballestrem RIP

It is with deep sadness that we announce the unexpected and sudden death of Karl G Ballestrem RIP.

Graf Ballestrem will be remembered as a loving and devoted husband, father, intellectual and friend. He was a great friend to the World Youth Alliance. He has consistently helped the staff and members of the European Region, offering his time, and giving valuable intellectual and moral support.

During the last year, Graf Ballestrem became a Member of the Executive Board of the World Youth Alliance. Less than one week before his unexpected death, he successfully founded a Foerderverein (support association) which will raise consistent financial support from private individuals in order to facilitate the ongoing work on the World Youth Alliance. Graf Ballestrem concluded the launching event by sharing his personal reflections on why young people involved in WYA deserve to be supported. The audience was deeply moved by his words and personal witness.

Many people were inspired by his brilliance and his kindness. Please join us in honouring this great man. We invite you to send your memories and personal messages to europe@wya.net. Special personal messages will be collected and forwarded to his wife, Consuelo Graefin Ballestrem. During recent years, his wife has herself been an inspiring and steadfast supporter and leader of WYA initiatives in Europe and around the world. Words cannot express how grateful we are for the input given by her and her husband.

Please join us as we take time to remember the whole family in our thoughts and prayers.