Latin America Director of Operations speaks in Baja California, Mexico

On March 13th, World Youth Alliance Latin America was invited to speak during the Forum “Detox from Bullying” organized by the Vice Ministry of Youth of Baja California, Mexico. This important anti-bullying initiative coincided with the national Non-Violence and Peace day in schools.

Kateri Salas, WYALA Director of Operations, had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of participants, mainly high school students, teachers, parents and media.  During her conference, she addressed the close relationship between our Dignity and our Human Rights and how a proper understanding of these two concepts can avert this phenomenon of bullying. She remarked on the family’s vital role to educate each family member on the infinite value and respect of every person, in order to create stronger families and an integrated society. She commented as well about how recognizing our human dignity is the basis to understand how we should treat ourselves and how our relationship with others should be, in order to prevent bullying.