Launching the Lebanese National Committee

The regional office of the World Youth Alliance aims at creating a network of young people in the Middle East and North Africa dedicated to building free and just societies that respect the dignity of each person. With that goal in mind, the first National Committee (NC) in the region was formed in Lebanon on October 1, 2013. The committee is composed of 17 certified members living in Lebanon who have successfully completed the track A training (Download National Committee Certification Here).

The elections of the NC Coordinator, Secretary, and Treasurer took place on October 26 and were supervised by the regional office. 15 of the 17 committee members voted and the results came as follows:

  – NC Coordinator: Dr. Ghassan Bou Diab (12/15 votes) – Download Biography Here
  – NC Secretary: Ms. Basma Abdul Khalek (12/15 votes) – Download Biography Here
  – NC Treasurer: Ms. Emma Ghosn (Sole running candidate)

The National Committee works on organizing two annual national events aimed at gathering all members in the country towards identifying the national priorities and strategies in order to guide the work of chapters and certified members of WYA on the ground. The NC serves as a coordinating body to facilitate cooperation and communication between chapters and an advisory body to better align the work of chapters at a national level. To facilitate the work of the NC, the regional office conducted a survey with the certified members to help identify the broad national priorities in order to better direct the work of the committee. The graph below summarizes the main outcome of the survey.

If you are interested in launching a national committee in your country, register now for the Track A Certified Training and contact the regional office on