Launching the WYA Film List – New York, NY 08 July

Be part of the bigger picture

€Take a look at the bigger picture. What does it mean to be human?

The World Youth Alliance (WYA) is launching a new film list. We have pulled together films from around the world to provide a bigger picture of human experience.

Having seen young filmmakers express their visions of the human person at our 2004 film festival we are now looking at how successful filmmakers have presented the human person.

Each film on the list is accompanied with a set of questions that launch discussion on what it means to be a human person, what it means to have intrinsic dignity, and how do we reach our potential. The films explore beauty, suffering, human creativity, potential, family, love and community. The universality of these films reflects the universal ideas and experiences of the human person.

To celebrate the launch we will be screening one of our selected filmsMad Hot Ballroom (2005) on JULY 8th 228 East 71st WYA Headquarters, 5-9:30 pm.