Leinard Ramos

Politics and the arts are foremost in the list of Leinard’s most loved things. He likes politics so he decided to take-up a degree in European Studies (International Relations Track) and a minor in French Studies (C’est pourquoi je peux parler français…) at the Ateneo de Manila University. Also, this is why he went on to do his internship at the World Youth Alliance this year.

In terms of his inkling for the arts, he went on to become a part of ENTABLADO, the only socio-political theater organization in the Ateneo. All their plays and activities revolve around the idea of using theater as a venue for discussing socio-political issues and concerns. And his growth in this group has been very exponential. From being a production person, to being a costumes master twice, to being an actor a couple of times,a to being a director, he is presently the Company Manager (it is the fancy term theater troupes use to call their president) of ENTA.