Let’s expand our WYA family! |August 2015

This month of August, we’re calling on everyone to help us expand the WYA family!

We are always looking for more young people to join our mission. There is always plenty to do in order to defend and promote human dignity, one of the things keeping us busy this past month were the Sustainable Development Goals negotiations. Our recently concluded International Summer Camp produced 20 newly-trained members who are now poised to become excellent leaders in their regions. We are excited to have them return to their home countries to start training, open new WYA chapters, and recruit more members for WYA. Want to help us get new members but cannot come to New York for all this training? Not to worry. We’ve launched a WYA Membership Drive Toolkit to make it easy for you to work with us no matter where you are. What’s more, we’ve also released a new set of member testimonials through our “I Signed the Charter “ campaign, highlighting the many reasons why people joined WYA. Download these now and get started with your own membership drive!

Sustainable Development Goals Negotiations Update


After an extended marathon session, the Sustainable Development Goals concluded on August 2, 2015. The text of the Declaration and Goals will be adopted later on in September. WYA continues advocacy work by encouraging States to protect human dignity.

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WYA North America Hosts 8th Annual International Summer Camp


WYA North America successfully hosted the 8th International Summer Camp at WYA Headquarters in New York city with 20 campers from Pakistan, Tunisia, Mexico, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Honduras, Portugal, and the United States. The 2015 ISC was a life-changing adventure for all of the young campers, who formed beautiful friendships and gained many important skills throughout the week.

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Help us Expand the WYA family!

ISignedTheCharter_jessica ISignedTheCharter_manuelISignedTheCharter_Obeja

Time and again we hear our members tell us about how inspired they were by our WYA Charter, they couldn’t wait to sign it and become active members. We spoke to our members to find out exactly what they loved about the charter. The result was an inspiring array of statements about why human dignity and the role of youth matters to them.

Help us reach more young people we can inspire with WYA’s mission. Download the WYA Membership Drive Toolkit now and get access to activity ideas, membership tools and step-by-step instructions for WYA clubs and chapters.

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