Life in Diversity



            On November 15th 2014, the Cultural Committee of the World Youth Alliance Middle East held the cultural event entitled “Life in Diversity”. The event was took place in Brasiliban, the Brazilian cultural center located in Ashrafieh, Lebanon. People of different cultural backgrounds were all brought together to discuss their individual and unique experiences in Lebanon. The venue was filled with Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian, Italian, Spaniard, Iraqi, Kurdish, German, Swiss, American, and Danish nationalities.

Some of them talked about their positive experiences in Lebanon while others shared their negative and heart-breaking experiences. The purpose of the event was to allow the participants to increase their knowledge and understanding of the existing diversity in the Lebanese environment, and to help the participants understand other cultures since such understanding leads to a greater degree of tolerance and acceptance amongst people. The event started out with the introduction of the event and explanation of WYA and WYA’s purposes. That was followed with the speakers who talked about their experiences and perspectives of the Lebanese society.

Next, the participants bonded through a dabke session given by a dabke teacher; which was followed by a belly dancing session – where both dancers were provided by Bailando Group. Finally, after the dancing, the participants went on to enjoy some food and drinks.