Manhattan International Film Festival First Exhibit in Mexico City


On Thursday August 29, 2013, WYA LA held for the first time an exhibition of the Manhattan International Film Festival (MIFF) finalists in Mexico City. The event’s purpose was to increase the coverage of the MIFF and to illustrate abstract terms like “dignity” with common examples that members and non-members alike could understand.

It was held at the Cineteca Nacional, which is one of the world’s most important cinema archives and has international cinema festival exhibits all year round.

The five short films gave the audience, an approximate of around 50 members and non members, a set of diverse emotions that spanned from joy to sadness.

These short films definitely created an impact and raised awareness among the audience. At the end of the screening many members reached the current WYA LA team to applaud the effort and talent of the short films directors and many non-members questions about the organization and the MIFF.

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