Meet Erick Rozo, WYA’s new Social Media Consultant

“Nowadays, it’s impossible not see the many injustices around us especially when it comes to the dignity of the human person, which has been determined by something external rather than internal. Digging for the understanding of the intrinsic, universal, and inviolable value of our dignity is definitely the core of the reason I joined World Youth Alliance and that is also what I believe is more in force than never before,” Erick shares.

Prior to joining WYA, Erick has been involved in social and political movements in his home country, Venezuela. “Since I was a teenager, I started building up my experience while shaping engaging programs, projects and campaigns for young people and communities. Since then, I started developing those inner thoughts about serving others and getting involved with the change within Venezuela,” Erick adds. 

In facing the rapid growth of social media advancement, Erick and the WYA headquarters are planning on ways to strengthen social media engagement and better engage WYA members online to be engaged and trained on WYA’s mission.

“We have an important responsibility to better understand the needs of our members especially the new members. Through follow-up and clear ways of engagement, WYA members will be able to engage well and grow better within the organization, Erick adds.

“We are working on refreshing and customizing WYA’s presence on social media and the concept we present our campaigns. Social media engagement, especially online campaigns, always need the taste and nuance from each region and countries for them to be most effective. Having those local strategies for online engagement will be key in the next phase of growing and engaging the WYA community,” Erick shares.


Erick shares an advice to WYA members that he once received, “Our desire for change starts from the inside out. Let’s start by asking ourselves if we are changing anything around us for the better and common good. If the answer is no, it’s important to remember that any type of change that we desire in the world starts from the inside out.”

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