Meet More Dignity Defenders: The Fall Interns of Batch 2017 in New York

After a busy summer full of fun activities, fall is coming with the beginning of a new academic year and lots of hope for this new start.

Three freshly graduated students chose to start their academic year with World Youth Alliance. Coming from different parts of the world such as Canada, Spain, and Switzerland, the third batch of interns for 2017 will spend a three-month internship to learn more about WYA’s philosophy and advocacy in different projects and by attending events at the United Nations.

To learn more about them, read on:

“I am Taylor Walsh, and I am a 22-year-old from Prince Edward Island, Canada. I am a recent graduate of the University of Prince Edward Island, having received my Bachelor of Arts with a psychology major this past May. I first heard of the World Youth Alliance when Weronika, a staff member from the office here in New York, came to my university this past March. She gave several talks, where she explained the premise of the organization and the FEMM program as well. This is where my interest in the mission of the World Youth Alliance was sparked, and I am both thrilled and thankful to have the opportunity to serve as an intern this fall. Immersing myself in this work is teaching me so much about the dignity of the human person, and I know that I will carry these lessons and share them with others wherever I go from here.”

“My name is Marta Chavez and I am from Barcelona, Spain. I just graduated from my Masters in International Relations from Brooklyn College. Studying International Relations in New York City has given me a lot of amazing knowledge. During my Masters, I especially enjoyed International Law, Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution. Those subjects taught me the importance of global peace and the instruments to achieve peaceful resolutions through mediation mechanisms, such as diplomacy or leveraging tools for success.

I heard about the World Youth Alliance from a roommate who was doing an internship at the WYA headquarters. She told me that she liked the internship because she was able to learn about important topics like human dignity and women’s health. I was also interested because she had the opportunity to go to the UN and be an advocate. I thought that sounded like a good opportunity to be educated on specific subjects with a possible chance to negotiate and get specific results.”

“My name is Hélène Blanchut and I come from Switzerland. I recently graduated with a Bachelor in Physiotherapy. You will ask me: how is that connected to the World Youth Alliance? Actually, there are quite a few connections. As far as I remember I was deeply interested in questions related to the human being, in particular from his conception.  Every day, I face this issue in my job. Constantly working with human beings makes you think again about the most important question: ourselves. I always wanted to defend human dignity, especially in the most vulnerable, that is why I became the president of a pro-life association in Switzerland.

Facing different questions about human dignity and freedom every day, I felt the urgent need to learn more about advocacy in order to get the right answers and to be able to defend the most important right: human dignity! Definitely, WYA is the right place to learn how to defend our human rights and vigorously advocate on behalf of the most vulnerable citizens of the world.”

World Youth Alliance is now accepting applicants for the first batch of the 2018 internship program in the 6 regional offices. Click here for the application deadline and to download the application form. Email for inquiries.

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