Meet our first two batches of WYA Asia Pacific Interns

The WYA Asia Pacific office has just finished its second internship batch for 2015. As we are excited about the upcoming Batch 3 of the internship, we wanted to do a round-up of all the amazing interns that have contributed to the Asia Pacific projects and operations this year. Meet our Asia Pacific interns from Batch 1 and Batch 2 of 2015!

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Interns of Batch 1 2015

WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 Quina

Quina is an Information Design Junior from the Ateneo de Manila University. She is passionate about many things, especially in the fields of Culture, Social Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Consulting.

She has joined several marketing competitions, such as the Ateneo Intercollegiate Marketing Competition 2014, the Unilever Future Leader’s League Competition 2014, and Hyundai Short F.I.L.M. Competition 2012, and qualified as part of the top 10 finalists for all.

She is currently the Vice President for Marketing and Communications of 180 Degrees Consulting Philippines, Vice President for Communications and Advocacy of Loyola Catalyst, and Chairman of the Ateneo Sanggunian’s Department of Corporate Relations. She also recently finished an internship with Alterfin, an alternative finance company catering to developing countries via microfinance institutions and fair trade producer associations based in Brussels, Belgium.

Her love for travel has led her to explore various countries in Europe and Asia, as well as several provinces in the Philippines. She has also participated in various conferences such as the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations Conference 2014 in Cambridge, MA, the East Coast Asian American Student Union Conference 2014 in Washington, DC and the World Youth Alliance International Arts Forum 2013 in Manhattan, NY, where she fell in love with WYA, its advocacy and its people.


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 Peter ChenPeter is an Automatic Engineering student in his senior year at the South China University of Technology (SCUT).

He is a member of the SCUT Volunteer Service Team (VST) and SCUT Student Union. Aside from working for student organizations, he finds time to enjoy cycling and has travelled on his own to more than 20 provinces in China.

He enjoys spending time with kids and actively participates in volunteer teaching projects. He serves as an assistant teacher in a local Autistic Children’s House as well as a city volunteer in Canton Fair in Guangzhou. One of his advocacies is helping correct misunderstanding and discrimination against children with autism. He takes on the responsibility of helping the young in need and nurturing their minds.

He is an optimistic person and is eager to play a role in bringing happiness to others. In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, playing basketball with friends, and cooking meals for his friends and family.


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 BhawanaBhawana is a Consular and Diplomatic Affairs student from De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde.

She has a strong passion for human rights and international development and yearns to live in a world free from violence and injustice. As such, she strives to make a significance difference in this world through her knowledge and experiences. Over the years, she has organized and joined several outreach programs. She has also taken part in many community service programs, which allowed her to nurture young minds and hearts.

Bhawana also has a strong interest in international relations and foreign policy. She has represented the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal in the Frosh Model United Nations, and the Dominican Republic in the Philippine Model United Nations at DLS-CSB. She also became a part of the World Press team in the recently concluded Benilde Model United Nations, where she served as the manager for the United Nations Environment Programme.

In her free time, Bhawana enjoys reading and writing novels, playing the piano and the guitar, and baking cakes and cookies for her friends and family.


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 Lelit“If you want to change the world, you have to change your world.”

As a student currently taking up Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs, Lelit‘s experiences opened her mind to the critical issues our world is facing today. Representing the Republic of the Philippines and the Republic of Cyprus in the General Assembly of the Philippine Model United Nations, her exposure to this kind of event opened the realm of many possibilities and realizations to her, namely to make an impact in our society by promoting human dignity.

Iff given more opportunities, she wants to try and do work from the creative side of the world. She enjoys writing and wants to showcase her creativity through films that will inspire others. Her biggest dream in life is to become a lawyer, thereafter, to be an Ambassador and represent the country at the United Nations.


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 RaissaRaissa is an Economics major at De La Salle University.

Her interests lie in economics and business, art, music, and culture. She is active in her batch government as Chairperson for Partnerships, and in the School of Economics Government as Partnerships Officer. Raissa is also passionate about volunteering in socio-civic and community engagement activities in the university. She has been interested in the ASEAN community, being part of the organizers of the ASEAN Youth Summit 2015, and recently became member of the ASEAN Youth Leaders’ Association.

She believes that each person has both the duty and privilege to contribute to a world full of respect and peace. Her simple dream is to maximize the opportunities she has to tell her stories and to inspire others by doing what she is passionate about.


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 CleaClea is a graduating student taking up Consular and Diplomatic Affairs at De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde.

She has been a member of Youth for Christ since 2009. Her involvement in the said organization gave her the opportunity to be engaged in activities which involve both serving and leading the youth in functional and pastoral formations.

In 2014, she joined the 16th Philippine Model United Nations as a delegate representing Algeria in the International Atomic Energy Agency. In the same year, she took part in the 17th Benilde Model United Nations as part of the organizing team as a Volunteer Staff.

Aside from her involvement in the community and in school, Clea spends her leisure time in graphic designing, manga reading, and movie watching. She makes sure that her Sundays are well-spent with her family.


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 MalouMalou is a Business Economics student from the University of the Philippines Diliman where she is currently the Students’ Rights and Welfare (STRAW) Councilor of the student council.

As a member of the student council, she spearheads campaigns that uphold and protect students’ rights as well as implement projects that promote cleanliness and orderliness in the college. She is also a member of the UP Economics Towards Consciousness (ETC) and the UP Kalipinan Agaham Panlipunan at Pilosopiyang Pilipino (KAPPP).

Aside from being active in student organizations, she finds time to teach the Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS) classes in UP Diliman where she is an instructor for rappelling and basic first aid. Malou believes that the educating the youth is important to achieve change in the country. Malou also enjoys reading and she aspires to be a social entrepreneur in the future.


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 KentoKento is an International Relation student from Kyoto university.

He has a special interest in the international relations and world economics, in terms of peace and inequities of chances among young people. At the same time, he is also interested in local problems such as the gap between city and rural areas in Japan.

He is a member of various organizations and believes that meeting many people from different background makes us creative and makes the world full of imagination.

His hobbies include travelling, having visited many countries in Southeast Asia including, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.



Interns of Batch 2 2015


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 AnicaAnica is an incoming junior majoring in the International Relations track of the European Studies program in the Ateneo de Manila University. Her interests include history and the arts, foreign languages, culture, and international politics and relations.

An active member of her organizations in school, she is a part of the Ateneo Consultants for Organization Development and Empowerment (CODE), which aims to empower youth and youth-oriented organizations through the use of organization development and to help leaders initiate positive change in their environments.

She is also a member of the Association of European Studies Students (AEuSS) and was a part of the organizing body of the organization’s flagship project, the 2015 Ateneo Model United Nations.

In her free time, Anica enjoys practicing yoga, travelling, unwinding in the beach, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 KeanKean is a graduating student taking up Multimedia Arts in Asia Pacific College.

As a kid, Kean had always been fascinated in arts and drawing. A “How To Draw Manga” book, given to him by his sister, led to his realization of his passion for the arts.

Despite the long and tedious travel he has to endure to get to school, Kean pursued his MMA degree in APC. His course has taught him many things, not only on the technical aspect of making art, but also on the conceptual part of it as well. All the works he had accomplished for school helped him to develop his self-confidence and it has been an “overwhelming” experience so far.

Kean is also an advocate for social awareness. He sees his internship with WYAAP as an opportunity not only to grow professionally, but also to help him exercise his compassion for the human race and expand his understanding of the world.


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 JeremyJeremy is a junior student majoring Diplomacy in National Chengchi University, Taiwan.

He has a broad interest in humanities and social sciences, varying from international relations to history and literature. He believes that a student should study not only for himself, but to gain abilities and knowledge to defend the unprivileged and weak. Thus, they should also have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges society faces.

Aside from academic studies, Jeremy is also an active student out of the classroom. He has participated in student rights advocacy as a division leader in NCCU student association, and has also served as an intern in government institutions, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2014 and Taipei City Council in 2013.

In November 2014, he was also one of the seven students to represent Taiwan in APEC Beijing, as a member of the Chinese Taipei APEC VOF delegation.

He is currently a writer in New Bloom, an online magazine covering politics and youth culture in the Sinosphere. He is also a volunteer translator for several NGOs.


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 Peter DonguinesPeter  is a graduating student taking up Consular and Diplomatic Affairs at De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde.

His talent in playing chess brought him to become an active Student-Athlete for his first 2 College years, representing his school for the National Collegiate Athletic Association. His active participation in the tournament honed his attitude towards sportsmanship and camaraderie.

In 2014, he joined the 16th Philippines Model United Nations as a delegate representing the Repubic of Gambia in the General Assembly. In the same year, he participated in the 17th Benilde Model United Nations as a delegate representing the Russian Federation in the Security Council and had been awarded as an honorable delegate.

Aside from his active involvement in sports and school, Peter spends his leisure time reading and analyzing controversial articles, watching movies and managing a business.


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 RoginRogin is an Elementary Education Graduate in the Ateneo de Zamboanga University (AdZU). He was the Chapter Coordinator of the newly founded World Youth Alliance (WYA) Chapter in their school following his accreditation in the Summer Camp in Batangas, Philippines last year together with three other students and a college instructor. In his college years, he served the Lord during Sunday Masses in the University Church through singing in the choir and volunteering as an officer in the Alliance of Religious Organizations in the school.

Rogin’s passion to teach young individuals had allowed him to see the need of having quality education especially because these children are in their formatting years. He was inspired by his mother, who is also a teacher in the Alternative Learning System, to reach out those who need and really want education but cannot afford to have.

Through WYA’s thrust, Rogin believes that changes in grassroots level can be witnessed in society. He added that in order for it to happen, there must be more dedicated youth from around the world who are willing to live out the ideals and principles of WYA in their everyday lives.

Lastly, Rogin considers his continuing involvement in WYA as one of the greatest achievements that he has ever had.


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 MilleMimille is currently taking Bachelor of Arts in Humanities as her pre-law degree at the University of Asia and the Pacific. Since 2003, she has been one of the organizers and regular storytellers of House of Treasures, a psychosocial support group for the young cancer patients of the Cancer Institute in the Phil. General Hospital.

She is the author and illustrator of a book entitled ‘Clara’s Coffee and Other Tales’, the second Filipino authored book ever to be published into Braille with the first one being Noli Me Tangere. In 2011, she was honored as one of the “35 Mga Bagong Rizal: Pag-asa ng Bayan” by the Philippine Center for Gifted Education. The nominees were chosen based on the interests and skills represented by Gardner’s multiple intelligence. She was also one of the recipients of the 2012 Study of the U.S. Institute for Student Leaders on “New Media Journalism” held in the United States. In the same year, she was among the 60 out of 3400 applicants worldwide who were invited to participate in the Global Changemakers Youth Summit in London as an advocate of education and children’s rights.

In December 2014, Mimille was chosen to participate as a Philippine delegate for the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative – Power of Human Capital Exchange held in Singapore. She has recently finished her term as the Editor-in-Chief of The Bosun, UA&P’s Official School Publication.


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 Cherrie“Any dreams for change wouldn’t happen if no one dares and take a stand.”

Cherrie graduated with a degree in International Studies major in European Studies from De La Salle University-Manila.

In her undergraduate years she has been active in different organizations and was European Studies Association’s Director for Processing.

She enjoys organizing events and was a volunteer for the 2nd Emerging Leaders Conference last 2013 which introduced her to WYAAP. She plans to pursue her graduate studies, majoring in Asian Studies, in DLSU this coming school year.

Culture, literature, history and philosophical discussions have always been her cup of tea. When not cooped in a corner reading something or doing a marathon on certain shows, she would be taking long walks or melting and molding chocolates.

She likes meeting new people and discusses various things with them. This way she doesn’t only make new friends but learn from them as well which widens her perspective of the world.


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 MimiMimi  is a graduating Consular and Diplomatic Affairs student from De La Salle College of Saint Benilde.

During her first Model U.N. experience, she represented the country of Cyprus in the General Assembly. The next year, she joined the 15th Philippine Model United Nations and represented Guatemala in the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Born in an inter-racial family, she understood that culture is important in order for a person to have a secure sense of identity. Growing up, she was aware of the different pictures of life having been raised by a realist mother and an auspicious father.

She had her first job training experience at the Office of the President – Presidential Commission on Visiting Forces. Equipping herself for her career path in the Foreign Service, she believes that in order for her to fully understand the art of pursuing our country’s national interest in the international community, she needs to have a comprehensive understanding of our national affairs. She had her second job training experience at the Senate of the Philippines where she was able to attend different meetings such as the public hearings. She joined WYA to fulfill her moral obligations in defending the dignity of the person.


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 MattMatthew is a graduating student taking up Consular and Diplomatic Affairs at De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde.

His line of interest revolves around the field of research and specifically on topics concerning ASEAN & Security Issues. This 2015, he participated in an international conference last April 6 – 10 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to present his research work.

In 2014, he joined the 16th Philippine Model United Nations as a delegate representing The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the International Atomic Energy Agency. In the same year, he took part in the 17th Benilde Model United Nations as the delegate of the State of Palestine in the General Assembly. He has also served as a Student Ambassador under the Benildean Student Envoys (BSE) Organization and a Student Assistant under the Student Assistants Organization of the Information and Technology Department of the College.

During his spare time, Matthew spends his time reading the news and on the look out for any call for papers in international conferences. As for his leisure time, he spends it on watching, collecting and downloading anime and movies.


WYA Asia Pacific Intern - 2015 AmeyAmey is a civil engineering student, studies at Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, INDIA.

His interests are Graphics Designing, Psychology and Body language, Science and technology.

He is a Core-coordinator of Entrepreneurship cell of his college, he also do graphics designing for other clubs. He had been a part of organizing committee of annual management festival of his college. In his Intermediate he was an active member of his school club which works for youth education.

In his free time he likes reading books and blogs, solving puzzles, skateboarding, watching TV series, and learning some new computer software.