Meet our Interns in New York this Fall!

We are happy to welcome our latest batch of interns at the New York Headquarters! Meet Gimly, Mercedes, Alex, Miko, Carissa, Nhi, Josemaria and Ewa.

Meet Our Interns NY_Gimly Gimly Melendres graduated AB Political Science at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines. She recently moved to the United States and is currently living in New York City. She also has a passion for promoting the role of the youth in global leadership and has been an active youth advocate since college. This led her to join international organizations like AIESEC and World Youth Alliance. She was Vice President for Programs during this year’s International Youth Leaders Conference in Manila which aimed to inspire youth leaders to create social impact. Gimly also finished her regional internship at the WYA Asia Pacific before coming to New York to continue her involvement with WYA. She wishes to pursue further studies about international relations and hopes to become a lawyer someday.
Meet Our Interns NY_Mercedes Mercedes Richards studied Political Science in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she is from. She believes in a free and virtuous society, a motto she learned while working in the Instituto Acton (in Argentina). Back in Buenos Aires she was involved in several projects, as the promotion of Poverty Cure – a documentary that explores the causes of poverty looking at the best environments for human flourishing – and Grupo Sólido – an NGO formed by young people looking for better and healthier relationships – where she learned the importance of getting involved to promote human dignity. Mercedes is specially interested in the relationship of civil society and governments, searching for better institutional frameworks to develop all our human potential. She enjoys hanging out with her friends during weekends, specially for barbeques, and getting to know people from different countries.
Meet Our Interns NY_Alex

Alejandra Ruibal is from a “small” town in Mexico. She moved to Guadalajara in pursue for her love of photography and movie making. Later graduated from the Universidad Panamericana in audiovisual communications.

Since high school she has been interested in working with organizations that promote human dignity. She has been a member of the WYA for 8 years now, and before applying for the international internship in New York, she completed an internship at the Latin America Offices in Mexico City. Alejandra wishes to join her passion for photography and her interest in social entrepreneurship. This way she hopes she can use her skills to help make the world a better place for everyone.

Meet Our Interns NY_Miko

Miko Superable was born in Manila, Philippines. He first heard about the World Youth Alliance through his school organization’s partnership with WYA and the Manhattan International Film Festival. As someone who has a keen passion for the arts, he was compelled by WYA’s focus on human dignity and its vital role in world culture and art. Since then, he has been actively involved in numerous WYA Asia Pacific activities, including the regional internship, 2014 and 2015 Summer Camps as a camp counselor. He has also organised cultural events for WYA such as the Coffee House Session “A Night of Rhymes” and was part of the marketing team for the 2014 Asia Pacific Emerging Leaders Conference. Miko studied Communication Arts at De La Salle University in Manila graduating last 2014. Before coming to New York, Miko worked for the Department of Science and Technology ICT Office’s Tech4ED Project as a Communication Officer. In the future, he hopes to do more work in the film and music industry and if given the opportunity, pursue a master’s degree in Development Policy and/or Economics. He believes that culture is at the forefront of world issues and takes a lot out of the quote “A revolution without dancing, is a revolution not worth having” from the 2005 movie adaptation of V for Vendetta.

Meet Our Interns NY_Carissa

Carissa Tinley is studying political science at New York University. She’s back at WYA for a second internship with the North America team. See why she says she returned: As my first internship came to an end, I knew that WYA had changed me. I was more confident in my abilities, and more rooted in my values. Not only had I learned how I can make a difference in our world; I had a chance to do so. In the past few months, I’ve represented the views of like-minded youth at congressional briefings and international symposiums, created materials for increased participation in WYA, and seen what the effects this message has on the lives of young people. There is truly no organization like this one. Of course, once I got a taste of the energy and motivation behind this project, I had to stay. So I’m back for another internship! I knew it would be challenging to continue my work with WYA while going to school full time, but the flexibility of my supervisors and my commitment to this incredible project has made it possible. I’m excited to continue growing membership in North America through the New York Chapter and various school visits throughout the region, and I cannot wait to see what new experiences this internship will bring.

Meet Our Interns NY_Nhi

Nhi Tong is a sophomore majoring in Communication Arts at St. John’s University, New York. Born and raised in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, she grew up witnessing many street kids selling candies, polishing shoes, picking up jobs at small restaurants or begging for pennies from strangers throughout the city. It was such a barbarous reality and as a young individual, she would like to step up and take part in empowering children not only in Vietnam, but also throughout the world.

As passion led her, Nhi was a community organizer as well as media correspondent for the Young Governors organization in Elmhurst, New York. She also wrote stories for Youth Communication and signed up to become a Half The Sky Ambassador. During her freshman year in college, she joined a group of like-minded friends to found the UNICEF chapter at her school. In the summer of 2015, she volunteered in Vietnam as a social worker assistant at Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. Nhi has a penchant for writing about humanity, working with youth, researching about cultures and documenting stories through takings pictures and crafting videos. She hopes that in future, she can incorporate all of her passions into her dream of bettering people’s lives.

Meet Our Interns NY_Japi

Josemaria Torregrosa graduated with a degree in Philosophy from the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain, and completed his formation with an International Relations exchange program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During his college years, he has been involved in many extra-curricular projects, such as a the Students’ Business and Leadership Society as President. He holds an internship at the Spanish Embassy in the United States and some other international experience in Volunteering and Social Development in France and Latvia. In his free time he likes to meet people, play soccer, and write his own music. Sensitized with the need for a change in the international government, he decided to take part in the WYA Foundation to train and to influence in the most efficient way. At present, he is an Advocacy Intern at the World Youth Alliance Foundation.

Meet Our Interns NY_Ewa

Ewa Wrona graduated with two Master’s Degrees in International Economic Relations and European Studies from the Cracow University of Economics (Poland) and it was here that she developed her strong interest in economics, politics and social science. She learnt from an early age the importance of education and communication as well as the great value of hard work, all of which convinced her to pursue an extra degree in teaching along with the school practice. Full of passion, curiosity and desire for continuous improvement, Ewa decided to travel and to develop herself globally. Starting with a foreign internship at the University of Cambridge, she had a positive turning point in her life working within the excellent international environment and experiencing other cultures. Looking for further inspiration, Ewa signed the World Youth Alliance Charter and successfully accomplished the Track A Training course, eventually becoming a long-term intern in the WYA regional office based in Brussels, Belgium. Realizing that WYA promotes a vision of the world that articulates and respects the dignity of the person, she recognized the underlying role of young people in contributing to a future with a just society and a culture full of solidarity and truth. Continuing her amazing journey with many inspirational people at the WYA Headquarters in New York, Ewa affirms her belief that humanity remains the very centre of everything.