Meet our WYA Africa Batch 3 Interns

Charlene Migadde Charlene Migadde is half Kenyan, half Ugandan. She completed the International Baccalaureate from St. Mary’s School in Nairobi. She is very passionate about giving back to her community as well as developing her nation and Africa. She believes and has many hopes and dreams for Africa and its people to reach great heights together. That we may all rise and see, as well as believe that we all have purpose, greatness and are meant to achieve excellence. She is a strong advocator for independence, compassion and humanity. She also strongly believes in arts and creativity and the ability for an individual to express oneself freely. She suggests that in as much as we are ‘struggling caring beings’, we are limitless and infinite. She deeply hopes to leave a legacy that will change, inspire and create.
Vanessa Cherese Oyugi

Vanessa Cherese Oyugi, was born in Kenya. She studied her Bachelor’s degree in Criminology at Masinde Muliro University, Kenya. She is passionate about justice and wants to see it being implemented in all aspects of life to everyone and by everyone. By being at World Youth Alliance she hopes to gain practical experience in advocacy and also learn where there are gaps in systems. This way, she will be a part of rectifying these issues and gaps. She loves travelling and has a passion for children and young adults.

Mamadou Korka Diallo Mamadou Korka Diallo is a native Guinean. The Republic of Guinea is an average size country giving its name to half the Atlantic Coast of Africa. In fact, there are two other ‘Guinea’ named countries: Equatorial Guinea and Guinea Bissau. He completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Studies and International Relations at the New Generation University College, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; studied his Form Six in Kenya at Greensteds School. He stands honored to partake in such an established Internship Program at WYA Africa. Through his involvement with the Africa Unite Campaign, and membership to the African Union Commission Youth Volunteer Corps (AUYVC), he has come to learn that no task is in vain as young pan Africans. He thereby undertakes the opportunity at WYA with humility and “energy combined with a beehive of initiatives”. He is at WYA Africa to learn from the team, and sustain a genuine intention to share skills and aptitudes to the best of his capacities for the prevalence Human Dignity.
Matthew Arrumm Pic

Matthew Arrumm is an intelligent and recent Bachelor of Laws graduate of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, in Nairobi. He is passionate about justice, equality and leadership and has participated in various diplomacy and humanitarian activities, through which he has been able to meet and interact with people of different backgrounds and all walks of life. These have exposed him to different cultures and recognition of various human disparities. He also has great knowledge and passion for business and corporate studies. He joined the World Youth Alliance to promote the sense of dignity of every individual and to see a realization of equality and self worth of all persons regardless of what their status in life may be.

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