Meet our WYA Asia Pacific Clubs and Chapters

WYA Chapters and Clubs are driven by the initiatives of young people like you who put your passion for human dignity into action. A Chapter is an officially approved local branch of WYA members who volunteer to manage various activities in support of the WYA mission.

Here’s a few of the active clubs and chapters in WYA Asia Pacific that are promoting human dignity in their schools and universities. The region continues to set up more new chapters so be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on new chapters.

If you want to open a chapter or club, too, visit our Chapters Page for guidelines and contact your regional office to get started.

WYA Assumption Iloilo Club

WYA Asia Pacific Assumption Iloilo Club

The WYA Assumption Iloilo Club was launched in 2011 by WYA Asia Pacific Track A Accredited member Rejean Darroca. The Club is currently headed by Summer Camp Graduates Kayve, Eva, Hannah, Anna, Faye, Philippa and Kirstie.

WYA Ateneo de Zamboanga University Chapter

WYA Asia Pacific Ateneo de Zamboanga University Chapter

The WYA Ateneo de Zamboanga University Chapter is the latest addition to the family of WYA Clubs and Chapters in Asia Pacific. The Chapter was officially launched last September 20, 2014 and is headed by Summer Camp Graduates and Track A Accredited Members Rogin Eribal, Jennifer Tibayan, Joseph Yeo and Milarose Barraca.

WYA PAREF Westbridge Club

WYA Asia Pacific PAREF Westbridge Club


The WYA PAREF Westbridge Club was launched in August 23, 2014 and is the 4th club to be opened by WYAAP. It is headed by Summer Camp graduates Sebastian Barredo, Jian Dominic Tan and Luis Miguel Cacho.

WYA PAREF Woodrose Club

WYA Asia Pacific PAREF Woodrose Club


The WYA PAREF Woodrose Club was launched last July 2013. It has over 100 members and is currently headed by senior high school student Sofia Daez.

WYA PNU-Cadiz City Chapter

WYA Asia Pacific PNU-Cadiz City Chapter

The WYA Philippine Normal University-Cadiz Chapter was launched in 2012 by WYAAP Summer Camp graduate John Argiel Victor. The current Chapter President is Clara Locsin.

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