Meet Outstanding Members of Latin America

Given this month’s theme #WeAreWYA, World Youth Alliance Latin America would like to celebrate two outstanding members, whose inspiring commitment and ongoing work exemplify WYA’s vision and mission.

lamemberfeature2015_gabriella Gabriela Garcia Escobar

Born in Mexico, Gabriela García Escobar is currently studying Law in Guadalajara, Mexico. Her essay, Understanding the Human Dignity of Women won this year’s Youth Voices at the UN essay competition, and gave Gabriela the opportunity to attend the 59th Session of the Commission of Status for Women, Beijing +20 in New York.

“When I first encountered WYA in 2012, I was struck by the organization’s deep commitment to promoting and protecting the dignity of the human person. So I decided to apply to enroll in WYA’s training courses to deepen my own understanding of WYA’s mission. Given my background in law, I was particularly interested in tracing how an understanding of human dignity can inform the formation and interpretation of international law and public policy.

WYA’s ongoing work has strengthened my understanding of how to work for a better and more just society through my own work and studies. And WYA’s training courses have given me the practical tools to promote ideas that support authentic human development integral to successful and just societies.

I believe that most people want to serve their communities and would like to do so authentically. But to contribute to our communities, we need to understand the real value of the human person and we need to see the real needs of the people as the basis of our work. WYA’s training, work, and supportive community all equip young people to achieve the true promotion and defense of the human dignity around the world.

My experience with WYA has been shaped by the great friendships I have formed while working with people from around the world. I am amazed by the friendship and solidarity I have encountered among the international network of young people who are dedicating themselves to the defense of human dignity. WYA continues to offer incredible opportunities for young people to meet and work together to change their cultures and the whole world for the better.”

lamemberfeature2015_dulce Dulce Castelo

Dulce Castelo is a full time Business Administration and Marketing student at Panamerican University in Mexico. After completing an international internship at the World Youth Alliance’s Headquarters in New York last summer, she returned to Mexico to found the WYA Chapter in Guadalajara.

“I first encountered WYA in 2012. I found their work very interesting and I wanted to learn more about the organization so I began their Track A training course, which I really enjoyed. I appreciated WYA’s global perspective on the philosophical, political, and cultural issues that affect the way individuals and societies value and treat human persons. I have also really appreciated the many opportunities to meet other young people from around the world who share the same ideas and concerns. By inviting young people to be a part of a great, vast family, WYA has given me the confidence and the opportunity to have my voice heard.

My experience interning at the WYA headquarters in NY was very formative. Living with and learning from other young people committed to defending human dignity has helped me to see the importance of recognizing the worth of every human person. I came to understand more deeply that recognizing that every person possesses an intrinsic dignity is the first step to identifying and solving the problems and needs in the world.


I plan to continue to work with people, especially with Mexican youth, sharing with them my conviction that understanding and promoting the dignity of the human being brings real change. I am convinced that when young people better understand themselves and are committed to their own personal growth they begin to take responsibility for improving their community, their society, their world. WYA gives people the tools to articulate a beautiful vision of the human person. With these tools we can take responsibility for changing the world we live in.”