Meet the United States National Committee

WYA is excited to introduce it’s newest set of National Committee members in North America! Comprised of individuals from different backgrounds, these young men and women will work alongside the WYA North America regional office in promoting WYA’s mission through the implementation of programs and activities on a local and national level. WYA’s National Committees are an officially recognized group of certified WYA members and/or WYA chapters residing in one country.

Inspired by their own personal experiences with WYA, the US National Committee aims to create meaningful connections with individuals who can also make a difference. WYA believes in the potential of the youth and their ability to create effective changes within our society. 


“The International Summer Camp was such a deep joy; to see young people be formed by WYA’s curriculum while forming community with one another was really cool to witness. “

After a successful internship last summer, Gabby is now back with WYA as a member of the WYA North America National Committee. She loves being able to connect with people and through WYA she was able to meet individuals from all over the world during her North America Internship and the International Summer Camp this 2019. As a senior at Boston College, she hopes to open up a chapter where more students from her school will have the opportunity to learn more about WYA and their missions. 

She believes that many young people are passionate about human dignity and WYA provides opportunities for this to be better understood.



In the fall of 2018, I sat down and had a conversation with a friend about World Youth Alliance. I had never heard of it before but within the hour I was convinced that this organization was something special. “

Ben Kinnison is a St. Louis native and a Junior political science major at Benedictine College. He is passionate about law, economics and theology and hopes to dive deeper into all these fields in law school. Outside of class, he runs an afterschool care program for local grade school students and has a love for the full development of the human person. Ben enjoys writing, basketball, cooking, and orienteering. Additionally, he hopes to continue working with WYA to ensure that human rights are derived from human dignity.



I joined WYA because it allowed me to discover and teach the truth of human dignity with like-minded people from across the world. What made me stay with WYA was its unique harboring of individuals that all were pursuing higher things.” 

As a future medical student, Zach’s past WYA internship focused on supporting our sister organization, FEMM. He believes that young people are charismatic and exciting individuals, ready to take on the world and its challenges with their energy. He hopes that through the National Committee more people should be involved with WYA because they can change the world and future generations if they frame everything they do in relation to a correct understanding of the human person. 



WYA has a great approach to spreading the message of human dignity. By focusing on the philosophical underpinnings of this concept it enables people who may agree with WYA’s initiatives to be able to vigorously defend them on rational grounds. “ 

Gerard is a member of Boston College’s Pro-Life Club and he hopes to spread the culture of life in America. During his time as a summer intern he recalled his most memorable moment at WYA to be during his visit to the United Nations to attend a conference on Human Trafficking afterwhich he said “Personally, attending this event was the first time I thought about the subject in any serious depth.”


We are excited to see what’s in store for the new members of the US National Committee. Want to get involved or open a chapter in your State? Reach out to today.