Meet the WYA North America Staff in OH, CT, CAN, MN


WYANA members are invited to come out and meet regional staff as it travels over a coming couple of months, through the end of the spring university semester. Reach out to for a chance to meet our staff in person, and to be further involved in NA activities.

Regional director Weronika Janczuk will be making the following trips:

  • 2/15-2/20: Columbus, OH
  • 2/21-2/22: Steubenville, OH
  • 2/23-2/24: Cleveland, OH
  • 3/2-3/3: New Haven, CT
  • 3/8-3/10: Prince Edward Island, CAN
  • 3/13-3/22: Twin Cities, MN

The team will also be making trips, for now unscheduled, to Kansas and Georgia.

Students interested in bringing WYA to campus should reach out to the regional staff for an opportunity to connect and organize an event.