Meet WYA Europe’s new Director, WYA regional conferences opens, new FEMM app launched | October 2016 Newsletter

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This month, we feature WYA Europe’s newest Director Hrvoje Vargić as he shares his vision, future plans and dream for the WYA Europe members and region.

FEMM, WYA’s affiliate women’s health program, launched its new iPhone app providing personalized feedback about a woman’s own observations and cycle, and gives insight and tips to help women track their health, and achieve or avoid pregnancy. Click here to download.

Applications for the 2016 WYA Emerging Leaders Conference in AfricaEurope and North America are now open. Click here to learn more about the annual regional conference.

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Building greater WYA solidarity: Hrvoje Vargić shares his plans, vision for WYA Europe


“As WYA staff, we have an important role to accompany our members in their WYA journey – to celebrate their joys and successes and to support them in times of obstacles and sorrows. We want to help them grow and to learn from them,” Hrvoje Vargic, WYA Europe’s newest Regional Director, shares as he started working as a full-time staff in Brussels.

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WYA’s affiliate women’s health program FEMM released iPhone app, version 2.0


Want to understand your cycle? Know if your symptoms and observations are normal and healthy? Manage your fertility? The new FEMM app helps women understand and manage their health, and connects them to health and educational support when they need it.

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Join the Emerging Leaders Conference in Brussels, Kenya and New York

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The 2016 Emerging Leaders Conferences will explore regional themes and conduct lectures based on WYA’s global theme this year of Population and Environment.

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