Meet WYA’s New President

May 19th will mark the Presidential Transition for the World Youth Alliance. As we welcome Obadias Ndaba, we also thank Francois and his family for their great service to WYA over the past five years. Your lived out commitment to the mission of WYA inspires us all.

Obadias Ndaba
Age 26

Where are you from?

I was born in a village in Eastern DR Congo called Mulambya and grew up there until I was a teenager, then I moved to Rwanda. I went to school in DR Congo for primary education and most of my secondary schooling. I completed my last two years of secondary school in Rwanda in 2004 and enrolled for University in 2006.  

How did you get involved in WYA?

I met WYA in early 2006 while studying  Economics at Kigali Independent University. A group of young people came to our campus and talked about the work of World Youth Alliance, I was immediately drawn to the ideas of WYA. We then went on to form a WYA Rwanda chapter and initiated a number of training activities, including weekly discussions on Saturdays. Initially, Rwanda’s history played a major role in our discussions:  How can the understanding of the intrinsic dignity of every person help in preventing genocides and killings? Later on, we started discussion on topics such as AIDS and others. In 2008, I started working in commercial banking in Kigali and continued volunteering my weekends for WYA discussions. In early 2010, I was selected to work full time as the Regional Director of WYA Africa based in Nairobi, Kenya and recently, I was privileged to be chosen as the 4th President of World Youth Alliance. 

What are your plans as WYA President?

I am excited about joining WYA’s International team, and I look forward to working with everyone to implement existing and new programs for our members. There are many training opportunities, like Regional Emerging Leaders Conference, and we look forward to even bringing such training events to our National Chapters. Also, our offices and chapters have regular cultural events that we hope to keep growing.  Our social media platforms have started to generate much engagement with our members and we hope to keep increasing such interactions and discussions online.