Member Project Highlight: “Dress the Rural Child Project”

WYA Africa Member Modestus Mwachindalo 4At the World Youth Alliance we offer many training programs that allow our members to deepen their understanding of human dignity. The Track A Training Program helps them understand the link between human dignity, freedom, solidarity, culture, national and international law. The White Paper Training gives them in-depth briefings on various international development issues with analyses on violations of human dignity and recommendations for person-centered policy. Finally, the International Solidarity Forum offers a conference where our best-trained members can come for subject-matter expert seminars and apply their training towards international negotiations of WYA Declarations.

The training not only gives our members a better ability to articulate key, many times we also see that it also drives people to action now that they have a clearer vision of what people need.We are proud to share the story of our member, Modestus Mwachindalo, a Youth Voices 2014 winner, and his “Dress the Rural Child” project in Zambia. His WYA training gave him a clear understanding that since persons possess human dignity they deserve to live a life commensurate to that dignity. With his project, he is putting those lessons into action.

WYA Africa Member Modestus MwachindaloModestus’ explains the motivation behind his project: “As each and every human person has intrinsic Dignity and deserve to live a quality life. I have been working on a pilot project called “Dress the Rural Child.” This project endeavors to provide clothing to rural children and render assistance to vulnerable children so that they too may live a quality and dignified life.

“As a Dignity promoter, I believe that change begins with me; hence I had to initiate this project and I believe with the support of many of you out there we will certainly put a smile on the faces of these children. If we are not doing anything to help these children have a good quality life that will help them grow up to be responsible global citizens, surely we will carry part of the blame. I have started it and you can be a part of it.”
WYA Africa Member Modestus Mwachindalo 2He adds, “Apart from clothing, the project will also assist children with school reading materials to help them improve their reading and writing skills.” Modestus’ project shows an understanding that when we want to help solve poverty, we invest in our greatest resource: the human person. “The World Youth Alliance theme for 2015 looks at Health and Education as keys to development, and indeed I strongly believe that education plays a significant role in one’s life. It does not give me joy to see little children drop out from school because they lack books, uniforms, shoes and because they have to walk many miles, sometimes through thick forests, to be able to go to school. Going forward, I am looking at mentoring young people, providing them with motivation services, workshops and other youth related activities with a view to reduce youth unemployment and poverty. God willing, if this project becomes successful, it will be extended to more villages and later the whole country.”

WYA celebrates young people like Modestus who try and make a difference in their communities. To see more exciting projects our members are doing, visit our iCount Campaign page.


Modestus Mwachindalo is an active member of WYA Africa and he comes from Lusaka, Zambia.