Members and Staff Implement the UN Aware Program Year III

Recap of the Program in its Third Consecutive Year

The United Nations Information Center in Beirut, the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO, and World Youth Alliance Middle East collaboration called the “UN Aware Program” has started in February 2019 on its third consecutive year.

Ms. Shaimaa Rahal,  WYA Member

WYA Middle East staff and members have been presenting alongside United Nations representatives at Lebanese Public and Private schools all over the country.

The program includes awareness sessions about the United Nations’ work and the Sustainable Development Goals (usually presented by a United Nations staff member). Meanwhile, the role of the Youth and the concept of Human Dignity is presented by WYA Middle East Staff. A practical approach follows as it helps students take the initiative to be part of the effort to reach the goals put forth for 2030 and how to defend human dignity through encouraging them to conduct UN Day & SDG-related activities. Moreover, the participating schools conduct fundraising activities in order to give the proceeds to a local NGO in need. Schools completing these phases successfully will be awarded the certificate at the end of the program.

Exercising their Freedom for Excellence

For the first time, members are currently helping WYAME RDO and RD to present in the 18 schools.

Mr. Omar Badr, WYA Member

Ms. Elsa Maria Karam, who had a 1-week window in Lebanon as she is currently working abroad, took the initiative to present in Amchit Public School. Mr. Omar Badr balances both his university studies and dedicates time to speak to school students. Ms. Shaimaa Rahal, who commutes back and forth for her studies, also schedules the sessions in. Ms. Nour Diab dedicates her work breaks to also be present in the South of Lebanon. Ms. Nisrine Abou Jaoude, a young and aspiring interior architect, presented at Mar Doumit school, of which she is also an alumnus.

Ongoing until Certification

The program schedule for the awareness sessions is ongoing until the end of March/early April 2019. In our third year of this collaboration, we really are thankful to all of our WYA Middle East friends who have stepped up to the challenge and have given their time to guide young minds into the world of defending human dignity.