Members from Africa attend the Summer Summit in New York



Ottamani from Morocco and Hezbon from Kenya represented WYA -Africa at the Summer Summit in New York

Vibrancy, vigor and solidarity marked this year’s summit at the WYA headquarters in New York. In an exceptional occasion, this year’s event was graced by two members from Africa. The two; Hind Ottmani from Rabat, Morocco and Hezbon Mogambi, from Nairobi, Kenya, found the summit informative as well they were at hand to share the African perspective to other delegates. Among the issues that they shed more light was former South African president and anti-apartheid hero, Nelson Mandela’s speech on HIV/AIDS and a section of 2004 Nobel laureate’s book; speak truth to power.

The Annual Summer Summit a brainchild of the North America region was a five-day intensive training week from 11th -16th July 2006, which engaged participants with the question: How the Alliance works in the sphere of international policy to build a world that respects the human person?  In preparation for next year’s UN Commissions, the delegates explored issues including Foreign Aid, Social Development, Sustainable Development, Population and Development, and the Status of Women.

Far from the summit hall, delegates were treated with New York’s proverbial serious fun which ranged from Karaoke nights, movies, concerts and dinners.

The success of the summer summit, the presence and active participation of the African delegates were exemplary for the need to integrate most of the World Youth Alliance’s activities globally.

Report done by
Hezbon Mogambi from Kenya