Metamotivation Support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children

 World Youth Alliance Africa held a dignity project named “Metamotivation Support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children”. This project took place on March 3, 2018, Saturday, at the Villa Teag Children’s Home in Dandora, Nairobi County. It was intended to promote the welfare and dignity of the children by engaging them in extracurricular activities including sports, where swimming was the main activity of the day. The event started with a visit of the WYAA Team at Villa Teag Children’s Home where the children welcomed us with lot of enthusiasm.

Many talks took place including introductions from both sides (children and the WYAA Team); WYA History and its programs; children’s home history, and a Q/A session based on the discussion made right after. The WYA Africa team then left the home and headed to Buruburu with the children for swimming. The children were so excited for spending almost 2 hours swimming and having fun with the WYA Africa team. After that they were divided into groups (girls & boys were separated) for bonding activities. Thereafter, we went into the hall where we had lunch together and made some rewards to those who were actively involved in the Q/A session. The day was concluded by a vote of thanks and a photo taking session.