Middle East Regional Internship Program

The World Youth Alliance (WYA) is an organization that is built on the dynamic spirit of young volunteers. After maturing over the years, WYA still depends on interns for the creativity and the push that keeps driving the organization forward.

The internship program for the Fall of 2012 commences on September 01, 2012 and lasts for three months until November 30, 2012. Applicants have the option to apply for a full-time internship (5 days/week) or a part-time internship (2-3 days/week). 

The call for interns describes the nature of the internship program of the World Youth Alliance regional office in Lebanon, followed by an introduction to the World Youth Alliance and its activities at a global level. Download all the details of the internship program here.

To apply for the internship program please fill in the application form and send it to middleeast@wya.net before August 24, 2012.

WYAME Regional Internship Program