Middle East Training of Trainers Workshop

Two years ago, members of the World Youth Alliance in the Middle East and North Africa were not able to become active members in their countries. Without a regional office, there was no link between members and the headquarters in New York. Said Ousaka from Morocco was one of these members who, although Track A certified, remained passive.

With this in mind, we started planning to launch the Middle East regional office based in Beirut with the aim of creating a network of young people dedicated to building free and just societies that respect the dignity of each person; young members who believe that people, religion and culture, through their shared values and understanding of the intrinsic dignity of the human person, play a fundamental role in the authentic development of society.

On 7 March 2014, we finally got to meet Said from Morocco during our four day Track A Training of Trainers workshop that took place at the regional office in Beirut. The workshop was offered to twelve of our best certified members who were able to complete the Track A training with a grade above 95. Among the participants were certified members from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia.

The workshop consolidated the knowledge and information of participants with regard to the content of the Track A training including chapter objectives, the purpose of each reading, and the authors’ background. The workshop also aimed at briefing participants on the details of the registration process, logistics, and certification, along with improving their training skills through guiding tips and simulation exercises.

On the other hand, participants committed to offering the Track A workshop in their home country for the second and third batches of 2014. With this system, the regional office is now able to provide the workshop format of the training in 5 Arab countries and the online format to all the 21 countries.

Through this sustainable model of growth, we hope to have certified members, national committees, and chapters in every country and city of the Middle East and North Africa region.