Mitzie Lin

Mitzie (a.k.a. Michelle) is a self-proclaimed Buddhist with a passion for art, languages, literature, and travel. She was also one of the two full-time interns at the WYAAP office from January to April 2007. It was at the WYAAP office where Mitzie first learned to drink and make coffee everyday…take good care of plants, clean the office, and how to do the Katipunan-run.

She is one individual who takes her job seriously but who also leaves room for fun and laughter at the office. According to Tam, Mitzie also wears the cutest black ballet flats to the office.

On behalf of WYAAP, she was chosen to participate in the International Solidarity Forum (ISF 2007) in New York along with a team of four other Filipinos. Together, they have contributed a great deal to the drafting of WYA’s Declaration on Development and made many new friends from different parts of the world.

Mitzie is currently, a Consular and Diplomatic Affairs graduate from the De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde. She enjoys watching television series on her laptop alone and with co-interns; Prison Break, Heroes, and One Tree Hill are some of her personal favorites. She loves to eat, read, sing, dance, dress-up, surf the net, use Adobe Photoshop, and make PowerPoint presentations. She likes making new friends and meeting new people. One of her greatest dreams is to work for the United Nations sometime in the near future.