New White Paper on Sustainable Development: People are the solution to development!

In 2015, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will draw to a close. The international community is already hard at work developing the Sustainable Development Goals, which will become the primary indicators by which development progress is measured. The new White Paper on Sustainable Development represents the fundamental contributions that the World Youth Alliance aims to bring to the post-2015 process. The paper highlights the immeasurable potential of each person and the creativity each of us represents for the development of economic activity and the care of the environment. It offers an introduction to the components of sustainable development as presented in United Nations conference documents.  The paper then discusses the nexus of sustainable development and population-related issues, highlighting the dangerous argument that limiting population growth is a prerequisite for sustainable development. It continues by considering how the Earth’s greatest resource—the creativity of humans—is able to make the world a better place even in the face of a growing population. The paper concludes with an overview of a positive approach to sustainable development, one that tackles the root causes of poverty and allows the creativity of the human person to flourish.

The White Paper was authored by Meghan Grizzle, World Youth Alliance Research and Policy Specialist, and reviewed by Andreas Widmer, Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at Catholic University of America and Vincenzina Santoro, Former Vice President and Economist of JPMorgan & Co. and UN Representative of the American Family Association of New York.

To read and download the White Paper click here.