New York Chapter Event: Drinks and Discussions on Surrogacy

On Tuesday April 12th, WYA’s New York chapter gathered for Drinks and Discussion over the WYA Surrogacy White Paper.  Nadja Wolf, co-writer of the paper, joined us for this insightful conversation.

Our discussion explored the current landscape of surrogacy, including its legal framework and implications on culture, and society.  The data outlined in WYA’s White Paper exposes the terrible exploitation of women and children and the destruction of the family.  The paper states:

“Commercial surrogacy contracts present several differences from other standard private agreements (e.g. contracts of sale).  First, the buying party is usually economically more powerful than the woman who carries the child, which can lead to manipulation in the latter by the widespread.  Women may engage in surrogacy arrangements, which may have lasting effects on their own health and fertility because they are in dire financial circumstances.”

Our WYA members continue to analyze these realities through the lens of dignity as universal, intrinsic, and inalienable to every human person.  Tuesday’s gathering was just another indication of the exemplary leadership by our WYA members.

Stay tuned for forthcoming information for more Drinks and Discussions!