One Big Family: We are All Equal and All Fall Under the WYA Family

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One Big Family was a cultural gathering that took place on January 11, 2015 at our World Youth Alliance Office in Beirut. The event targeted an orphanage in which the WYA interns would spend a period of two hours with. The orphanage that partook in the event was Safe Haven. Safe Haven provided eleven girls. The girls ranged from six years old to thirteen years. Almost all the girls spoke English so that made it easy for all the WYA interns to communicate with them.

The interns carried out various activities with the girls. The games varied from the famous “duck duck goose”, “musical chairs”, “egg on spoon race”, and “the blind fold game”. Last but not least between the games, our Spanish intern Elena taught the girls how to dance the Macarena; by the end of the song we were all dancing to Macarena!

Once the games were over, snacks and drinks were provided to the girls. The games must have been exhausting as snack time was extremely quiet! Towards the end of the event we played one last game known as “pass the parcel”. Once the parcel was completely open the girls were presented with gifts for each of them.

The point behind this cultural gathering was to highlight WYA’s value on the family. Whether one has parents, one parent or no parent at all, we are all equal and all fall under the WYA family.