PAREF Woodrose Launches Its Own WYA Teen Club


Last July 5, 2013, PAREF Woodrose School in Muntinlupa launched its own club of World Youth Alliance (WYA). WYA has picked the interest of the students, resulting to a total of 137 students (from ages 13 to 17) to join the Woodrose club.

During the acquaintance party held last July 19, the students were able to take a glimpse of the organization’s projects, history and international programs. An orientation was given by the WYAAP Regional Director, Christine Violago. She talked to the the new members about the advocacy, beliefs and values the the organization practices and how the students could get involved.

To ensure the active participation of Woodrose as part the international organization, the WYA council has divided the members into three committees: journalism, multimedia and social services. Some of the activities that the WYA Woodrose Club has planned include writing workshops and writing outputs for the journalism committee members. These written works will be submitted to local newspapers and magazines for possible publishing to raise awareness about WYA’s mission. For multimedia committee, human dignity photo-shoots and film-making will be underway. Since issues on social media spread like wildfire, multimedia is an effective tool for promoting the importance of dignity.

The Woodrose club hopes to submit an entry into the Manhattan International Film Festival based in New York City. Lastly, the members will also attend several outreach activities. With these committees, the WYA Woodrose club hopes to make a difference in the way their students think and act, and to reach out to other people in the community, who may not seem to recognize their worth.

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