Pilot version of HDC in Zagreb, Croatia

A pilot version of the Human Dignity Curriculum took place in Zagreb, Croatia beginning the 20th of February until the 12th of March.  Over the course of these days, 7 teachers—all members of WYA Croatia—gave seven workshops on topics relating to human dignity to twelve pupils between the ages of 13–14 years old.

Focusing on human dignity as the key to human flourishing, they were taught in an interactive way about the hierarchy of living beings and about powers that only humans have—like the intellect and the will. The intellect and will are the reasons why we can do intentional actions and make decisions about our lives.

Pupils learned how to respect each other, how to be a real friend, how to concretely live solidarity in their daily lives, and how to contribute to the common good. Homework and worksheets encouraged them to live with excellence and to become a hero in their lives.

˝Human dignity is our human value, something which is in us and nobody can take it from us.˝ (14-year-old pupil, Croatia)

These workshops will be remembered thanks to the interesting games and activities which we connected to the amazing topics in each lesson. The pupils were very talkative and cooperative, so it was a  joy to have the opportunity to see how they reacted to the concept of human dignity. From there,we learned how to improve our lessons for the future.

To know more about HDC, please contact education@wya.net. Or if you are interested in joining this program in Croatia, you can contact obrazovanje.ssmh@gmail.com.

Written by Ana Antunović, WYA Croatia HDC team leader.