Press Conference: WYA Latin America proposes a better way to reduce Maternal Mortality in Guerrero

The regional office for Latin America of World Youth Alliance joins the Mexican Youth Coalition (Coalición Juventud) to reject the proposal of the legalization of abortion in the state of Guererro. Currently abortion is only legal in Mexico City that is a federal district and therefore does not count as a state. It was publically stated by the current government of the Mexico City that they would be pushing legalized abortion nationwide in Mexico in the next reunion of Mexican Governors.

This is why World Youth Alliance Latin America joined in the press conference sponsored by Coalición Juventud to reject this measure as it does not respond to the reality of the state of Guerrero and also would actually increase the number of maternal deaths instead of decreasing them. Guerrero is one of the poorest states in Mexico and actually in the last revision of the Millennium Development Goals published in December identifies Guerrero as the state in Mexico with the worst state regarding Maternal and Child deaths. WYA LA through its director presented the four interventions proposed by WYA to reduce maternal mortality and gave examples of countries that actually have reduced their Maternal Mortality Ratios without the need of legalizing abortion and that actually have lower MMR that first world countries that have legalized abortion. Many showings of society being against this appeared as three marches against this initiative and as various Mexican representatives pronouncing themselves against it and the reasons why it would be unconstitutional in Mexico.

Finally the congress of Guerrero froze/stalled this bill as 46 of the 60 representatives expressed themselves against the bill as it is not correctly sustained.