WYAE Holds Cultural Boat Event

28 JANUARY 2019, ZAGREB, CROATIA—Last week, the WYA Europe team from Belgium went to Zagreb to join the Cultural Boat Event (CUB), which took place from 14-19 January. Together with the participants and members of the World Youth Alliance Europe, they had discussions about the topics human dignity, solidarity, freedom, and culture.

The event brought together young WYA members from Austria, Croatia, Belgium, Spain and Portugal to talk about the difficulties in each country and also think about solutions to solve them. Each day, the participants worked in small groups and learned about the above-mentioned topics in different workshops and activities which were prepared by the Croatian team of WYA.

Every evening one of the five national teams presented about their country and they traditional food. Also, the participants talked and shared a lot of information about their home countries, language and traditions in personal conversations at lunch or dinner.

The first day started with an ice breaker to help participants get to know each other and to introduce the day in a playful way. The participants had to define human dignity in small groups and explain it to the others by giving examples of their own experience with human dignity or violations of it. In the evening, they collected current issues of the youth of every represented country on posters, to compare them among each other. The main issues were radicalization and ignorance of local problems by young people in each of the five countries. The following days were similar to the first day but with different activities (for example: theater plays, treasure hunt,…) to get an insight of the daily topic.

The unifying thread was to develop projects or events by the end of the CUB event to try to resolve the issues discussed. The participants thought about easy ways to connect young people, starting in their own countries. A lot of ideas came together, such as music festivals or hosting discussions over meals.

In the coming months, there are many further events that connect the many different members of the World Youth Alliance and open the opportunity to share knowledge and experience. The next events are to be found on the WYA website under Upcoming Events. The WYA declarations about human dignity, freedom, culture, solidarity, and other topics express WYA’s vision for addressing the challenges of today.

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