Puebla Chapter Holds its first Forum on Family

This past November, The Puebla Chapter of WYA Latin America held a forum for new members within the city. This event’s topic was the importance of family on young people’s self-steam. We requested for the support of psychologists, teachers and doctors to give speeches addressing this issue. In this forum we sought to describe the significance of contemporary issues impacting Puebla. Furthermore we wanted to capture the attention of young people with flexible and interactive discussions to position the family and human dignity as the important and leading factors to the development of young people.

During the different lectures given by experts some suggestions rose up into discussion, our speakers addressed the participants to directly attack these problems together as citizens. Our new members started to merge some of the ideas in order to develop a document where we could express our concern regarding the lack of importance that has been given to the family as the basic unit of society.  This document was sent to the Director of the Youth Institute in Puebla, Guillermo Almazán Smith, who showed his support and expressed his desire to give the document a placement within the political debate.

Some of the ideas that we concluded on the forum were; to hold a cycle of activities that will be advised by experts in the matter, in which parents and their children are assessed. These are intended to promote the value of the family through good communication and healthy living, encourage the comprehensive development of people to create cultural and sports workshops. Through these efforts we would look for the participation of governmental institutions like our local office of the Mexican National System for Integral Development of the Family, and create a pilot program that is applicable to primary schools.

Through these proposals we, active members of the World Youth Alliance in Puebla, show our full commitment in achieving them, conducting ongoing assessments of the work done by this paper and leading results in order to solve issues that start within the family nucleus. We believe that the implementation of these activities at a university level is essential, while promoting the integral development of Puebla’s Youth.