Raymond Rueda

Mon is currently taking his BA in Psychology at the Ateneo de Manila University.  He also plans to minor in Education and take his second major, this time, in Social Science, so he can be a grade school teacher, an NGO worker, and a psychologist all at the same time.  As he writes this short description about himself (oddly, in the third person point-of-view), he is having his summer internship at the World Youth Alliance – Asia Pacific Region.

Weird is definitely a word that sums up his personality—he likes talking to himself, singing in the shower, and making people laugh with his imitation of Stitch, that cute Hawaiian alien-slash-Disney-character.  Being a reluctant momma’s boy, he is often teased by his co-interns and schoolmates as the “litol boy” or the “growing boy of WYA and Kythe Ateneo, his other org, in which he happens to be the president (surprise, surprise!!)

Beyond the goofball image, however, he is just a simple person who dreams of creating a positive impact on kids’ lives.  If he could just make children happy for the rest of his life, he would surely leave this world satisfied and fulfilled.  That way, he can just be like Peter Pan, his favorite cartoon character—forever young and full of zest.