Rebecca and Joseph Bau inspire WYA members

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Over 20 WYA staff, members and friends gathered for an evening lecture and art exhibit presented by Clila and Hadasa Bau about the life of their parents Rebecca and Joseph Bau before and after the holocaust last October 26, 2015 held at the WYA headquarters in New York City.

The Bau sisters shared inspiring stories on the life of their parents through photos, poems and songs. “Joseph Bau was a graphic artist born in pre-war Poland who turned his artistic talents to forgery in order to save his fellow Jewish concentration camps inmates during the Holocaust,” Clila shared. “My mother was also actively involved in the rescue of hundreds of female Jewish prisoners,” she added.

“The Bau sisters amazed us with their story about love, courage and saving people’s lives. I can’t describe how extraordinary and beautiful the lives of Joseph and Rebecca Bau were,” Ewa Wrona, an intern at the WYA headquarters from Poland, shared.

Aside from the stories of heroism, the Bau sisters also shared the inspiring love story of their parents. “Joseph and Rebecca Bau met in the Plazow Concentration Camp, fell in love, and were secretly married in the camp barracks – a famous and remarkable scene in the movie Schindler’s List,” the sisters shared.

After the war, the couple reconstituted their lives in Israel, raised their children and contributed to their country through art infused with hope, humor and optimism.

“The Bau sisters talk proved to be a very interesting and inspiring evening. One can’t deny the history that they carried with them through their parents’ relationship. However, more than the paintings and the music, it was also reflective in that it encouraged me to look at my own family and see what I could do to pass on their legacy. The Bau sisters specifically were very warm and energetic. They exude the love, lightness and humor that his father used to endure Nazi Germany. It is that which I believe all WYA members aim to practice every day,” WYA intern from the Philippines Miko Superable shared.

The sisters are currently running the Joseph Bau House Museum in Israel. The location of the museum was formerly Joseph Bau’s studio and now includes various art works that made him one of the most recognized illustrators, cartoonist, and humorist of his country, Isarael.

WYA wishes to thank the Bau sisters for the opportunity and to all our members and friends who came. If you would like to learn more about their story, you may visit or contact the Bau sisters through or +972-544301499.