Relaunching the WYA Guadalajara Chapter

Friday, 17th of July – WYA Latin America had the opportunity to discuss “Los Hermanos Karamazov” by Fidor Dostoevsky in their online event. This was led by Pedro Pallares, a WYA advisor from a chapter in Universidad Panamericana, Guadalajara and who has WYA close to his heart, having supported the organization for many years.

The attendees discussed one of the most important literary works in the history of humanity. What is valuable about this piece is that Dostoevsky is a rival of the enlightened-emotivist model, which is behind a lot of confusion about the idea of human rights. With it, the attendees were able to touch various themes the Certified Training Program had to offer, especially on Chapter 2 on human dignity. The novel is about the rendition of the person to truly find what dignity is: the value of the person as a gift. With this event, WYA Latin America aimed to explain the importance of human dignity to inspire the youth to want to become advocates and learn more about these topics.

This was also a very exciting event since it was the official reopening of the WYA Guadalajara chapter in Mexico. WYA Latin America is very happy to announce that, with Pedro Pallares’ advice and a lot of interested university students, this chapter is regaining a lot of life and enthusiasm that gives joy to the WYA community, especially for WYA Latin America. 

We welcome our Guadalajara Chapter again to the WYA family!