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Earlier this year, we at WYA started boosting our efforts to give you better access to information that are relevant for you. We’re consuming so much information on a daily basis through our emails and smart gadgets that it’s easy to get clouded by the clutter of the internet, so we’d like to brighten your days by sharing some news and articles that may add more substance to your daily life. You could also help by being a contributor to the WYA Blog (more info on how to do this, below).

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Get out of the house!

A recent global study showed that travellers in Asia Pacific are ‘leading the world in leisure travel.’ How valuable is this ‘leisure time’ to our personal development and how can we practice leisure with purpose?

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Would you lead a country in your 20s?

Say it with me–age is just a number! Our 20-something WYA Member is uniting a country for dignity. Truly, there’s no telling what the youth can do. Are you up for the same (fun) challenge?

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We love online shopping too.

You don’t have to feel too bad about impulse shopping anymore. We found a way to make each purchase more meaningful! More reason to buy that thing you bookmarked for the longest time.

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Technology is great, but…

‘Death with dignity’ is a thing now. But what does it mean, really? WYA Members from around the world have raised their voices. Care to jump in on the chorus?

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No, you can’t do everything.

Just because you can do everything doesn’t mean you should. If you could only choose to do one thing–just one–to change the world, what would that be?

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