Road Trip! Miles to go for Reproductive Health at OSU

FEMMlogocomplexRoad trip! WYA North America will be leading a caravan with its top members for a 500 mile journey to Columbus, Ohio this summer! Making a statement on the Ohio State University (OSU) campus in their FEMM purple shirts and sweatbands, our progressive young men and women will stand out in a sea of red and black as they promote women’s health at the OSU Student Involvement Fair, August 23rd.

FEMM is a sister organization of WYA, and a reproductive health program committed to making knowledge-based reproductive health accessible to all women. The first-ever FEMM Health Centre first opened its doors in the summer of 2013, conveniently located just across the street from the Ohio State University campus. Since then, hundreds of women have received treatment at the FEMM Health Center and many more have gone through the FEMM Education program, taking seminars and weekend courses on the integral connection between reproductive health and overall health.

FEMM is a revolution in women’s health care, providing access to the highest standards of personal care, through targeted hormonal testing and treatment of reproductive disorders, without the application of suppressive hormonal therapy. The FEMM health center accepts most forms of insurance, including Buckeye insurance. New this year, the FEMM App makes charting your health easier than ever!

So, since knowledge is power, this road trip is all about paving a new way for student health and education at OSU!  Stay tuned, as we prepare to roll out the purple carpet and parade our progressive men and women around campus, positing the benefits of #FEMMpower for all!  We’ve got miles to go for real reproductive health care for women. But, brace yourself, OSU, WYA North America is on the way!