Second Latin America Emerging Leaders Conference

(MEXICO CITY – October 17th, 2012)

On October 12th and 13th World Youth Alliance Latin America held the second Latin America Emerging Leaders Conference in Mexico. The Opening Ceremony and the Seminar were held at the Panamerican University, where young people from the region gathered to discuss about Sustainable Development and the relation to the Human Person. 

The Conference, with the title in Spanish “Desarrollo Sustentable: Hacia el Bienestar de las Personas” or Sustainable Development towards the Well-being of the Person brought more than 100 participants from different countries in the region including Costa Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua, Suriname and Mexico.  

During the two days of the Latin America Emerging Leaders Conference, participants joined different workshops, lectures and working tables with a vision of Sustainable Development where the person is at the center of concerns and were invited to be active citizens in the achievement of a sustainable society by integrating the economic, social and environmental pillars of development in their daily lives.

Everything started on the evening of Friday at the Panamerican University with a conference by Maria Graciela Crespo Ponce, former Director of Education of World Youth Alliance, where she shared with the participants the importance of a vision of Sustainable Development where the Person is the Priority and is at the center of concerns. Next, patrticipants were able to participate in two different cultural workshops: acting or painting. The acting workshop was led by Gerardo Burgos, WYA member and Mexican Actor who will participate in the upcoming International Artist Forum in New York City. The paining workshop was led by Yanin Ruibal, Mexican Painter and Artist, as well as, a WYA member. Yannin was also the designer of this year´s Committed Member Dignity Award.

During the Workshops participants had the opportunity to experiment the art as an important way to express ideas and as a central element of Culture. To close the first day, we had a panel with the participation of Josúe Rivera, Honduras’ Consul in Mexico, and Karina Kegel, lawyer and specialist on Human Trafficking. Josúe and Karina explained to the participants about Migration and Human Trafficking as a phenomenon of Social and Economic Crisis.

On the morning of Saturday October 13th, the Conference continued at the Panamerican University starting with Elías Brossoise, Mexican Film Director, who talked about his most recent documentary named “Lebenswelt”. After watching it, Elías highlighted the importance of the Dignity of the Person and its relation to the Environment, throughout the stories of “Lebeswelt”

Following we had the participation of Arturo Damm, Academic from the Panamerican University, who talked about the need of a more humanistic and realistic approach of Economics. Arturo Damm emphasized about the scarcity and correct use of resources. To finalize the lectures, we had the presence of Daniel Gómez, who shared his experience as social actor when creating “Caras Políticas”- an online Platform for Civil Society Participation in Politics. Daniel commented on the importance of young people contributing to their communities´ improvement, throughout innovation. 

To conclude the Conference, the WYA members and friends divided into three different working tables: Economic Development, Social Development or Environment. These working tables functioned as perfect means of dialogue between participants. They shared their perception and knowledge toward Sustainable Development. Consequently, participants had the opportunity to generate present and future solutions from the youth to have an impact on their communities.

We want to show our gratitude with all the WYA members and friends who were part of the 2nd Latin America Emerging Leaders Conference. Many thanks for all your enthusiasm and all your support.