Shaping the Continent Together: WYAA’s new RDO Kevin Alando conveys future goals for WYA Africa

 “I believe Africa is a blessed continent and we have so much potential. We have everything we need to move ahead. Being a youthful continent, I know there is so much that young people can do. All they need is guidance, support, and good leadership,” shares WYA Africa’s incoming Regional Director for Operations, Kevin Alando. “My greatest vision is to build solidarity among the youth and have them empowered so that they have a stronger voice to advocate for better policies that will be beneficial to them and generations to come,” he continues.

Raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Kevin describes himself as a passionate young man who loved statistics but chose to major in Economics with an Econometrics minor at Laikipia University instead. His WYA journey began when he ended up visiting the WYA website while browsing the internet during his final year of university. What was first a hunt for something to do after graduation ended with him immediately falling in love with the organization’s mission and vision.

“After becoming a member, I signed up for the Certified Training Program that impacted my life significantly. I saw the possibility of living a life that is not built around me and what I want, but one that thought of others and their well-being,” shares Kevin. He eventually became a regional intern for WYA Africa. Kevin was so impressed with how he was given the chance to handle major projects like the WYAA Dignity Forum and to access a great network through attending important meetings on behalf of WYA.

As he assumes the position of directorship in WYAA, Kevin looks forward to guiding more African members to becoming accredited in the Certified Training Program to equip them with the tools to advocate for human dignity. “My major goal is to have as many young people in the region trained and empowered with WYA values through the CTP, the internship, and other events and conferences so that they can be the agents of change in their different careers and places of work. I am a strong believer in the saying ‘one person can make a difference.’


When asked for his message to the youth in Africa, Kevin puts forward his belief that the young are the ones who will shape their continent. “It starts with us as individuals making the decision to offer the best we can to improve our lives and the lives of others. We need to uplift each other to uplift our continent.”

This call for unity rings true as Kevin looks forward to the future with WYA. “There is still a lot of work to be done and our solidarity and relentless efforts are what will enable us to achieve the WYA vision.”