Six Certified WYAME Trainers in Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon and Egypt


The World Youth Alliance-Middle East organized a Training of Trainers for the Track A certified training program from June 22nd until June 24th, in Beirut, Lebanon.

The certified members were selected based on their exceptional performance in the previous workshops and online training of the Track A. The training was based on the methodology of Learning by Doing, which utilizes different techniques and methods to ensure the efficient transmission of fundamental ideas by a trainer to a group. The following days were based on simulations of the Track A workshop materials to evaluate their performance as trainers as well as their knowledge.

We are happy to announce that WYAME has 6 new Workshop Trainers divided between Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon. The workshop that we are conducting in these countries are essential to our goal of promoting WYA’s value, attracting new members and increasing the network of certified members.