“Speak up for dignity”: A social media campaign to promote dignity

The World Youth Alliance office in the Middle East hosted a social media campaign called “Speak Up for Dignity” from November 19 – 30, 2015.

Its aim was to encourage young people of the Middle East to think on the important value of human dignity and to promote it themselves by posting pictures accompanied by their view on dignity. Most of the 25 people who participated in this competition added a quotation or a personal definition of human dignity. Participants were required to use the hashtags #dignity15 and #wyame as a way to better enhance our competition on social media.

At the end of this competition, we selected three people who best described dignity through their pictures and we sent them cinema tickets as a reward. We also thanked all participants for their involvement in this competition and for their efforts to describe human dignity as best as they could.

In our view, this campaign was a great success, mostly because of the large number of people who were interested and who finally participated in this campaign. This campaign also helped WYAME to be more visible on the social media – particularly Facebook – and therefore to be more heard as an influential organization among Middle East young people. Surely this campaign was a good way to promote WYA’s ideas, values and work among the youth. Lastly, as interns we enjoyed being part of this adventure because it helped us become more accurate on values – such as the dignity of human persons – which we try to defend with WYA.

As a way to congratulate once again the winners, we are releasing here their pictures along with their messages about human dignity.

1st Loubna El Idrissi

“Now, consider this photograph of a young girl with sea green eyes. Her eyes challenge ours. Most of all, they disturb. We cannot turn away.

Photograph by Steve McCurry

It is not just her eyes or the color, it’s the reflection of her soul. The soul of someone who has known hunger, injustice and all the sacrifices of the war and yet, she has this intensity in her look. For me that is Human Dignity, it is often oppressed by war and conflicts but it can never be killed it remains inside each of us. We should all, as human beings, speak and give a voice for the oppressed if we want to live in dignity.”


2nd Aziza Homrani

Captured by Aziza Homrani

”Work is about more than making a living, as vital as that is. It’s fundamental to human dignity, to our sense of self-worth as useful, independent, free people.” William J. Clinton
Human dignity is the objective, universal, intrinsic concept that cannot be taken away from the person nor given away and even know it is abstract I think it can be touched once we see the poor fighting to get a piece of bread with their heads held high.


3rd Said Ou

Malala Press Office / AP

“My purpose is to serve humanity,” Malala once said in an interview, with a maturity well beyond her years. Malala is helping to change the world. Malala’s passionate advocacy shows the power of aspirations for human rights to move history. She won the battle and her victory is a victory for all who strive to uphold the dignity of every Human Being.