Speak Up: I love Lebanon BUT…


On the 13th of August 2015 the World Youth Alliance Middle East’s Interns held an event entitled “Speak Up” in Hamra Street, Beirut-Lebanon. The objective of the event was to encourage young citizens to become more active in civil society by expressing the issues bothering them in Lebanon nowadays.

A billboard was set up stating “I love Lebanon BUT…” and people passing by were asked to complete this phrase by adding another personal statement written by themselves on a white board or suggested by WYA’s interns such as : “ I want peace; I would like women to be active in politics; I wish there was No Domestic violence …. ”
The participants were actively involved since there pictures were taken and published on the World Youth Alliance official Facebook page where they could tag themselves afterwards.
The event was supported by the following sponsors: Pepsi and Enjoy the World by providing some goods and gifts for the participants.
It was also covered by media, the Daily Star was taking pictures and preparing an article describing the event.
In addition to that, cookies, soft drinks as well as bracelets were distributed as a gesture from WYA to the participants encouraging them to speak up freely and promoting WYA’s Values : Dignity, Freedom, Solidarity and Family.

We managed to attract new members by signing the Charter  and following our page on Facebook.
The event had a lot of success and was well accepted among people and the Lebanese civil society became more familiar about the issues they are facing and about our organization.