Standing Room Only: WYA NA Visits Cathedral High School Chapter

October 9, 2019, New York City – It was standing room only yesterday at the WYA NA Cathedral High School (CHS) chapter meeting.  The classroom was filled to capacity for the chapter’s second meeting of the 2019 – 2020 school year.  This year, the chapter has grown four times its size since its founding four years ago. Julia Kenney (RD) and Ethan Mack (RDO) were pleased to participate in the meeting and see the chapter’s tremendous growth.    

During yesterday’s meeting, the student leaders led a discussion about human dignity and substance abuse.  The members discussed the facts involved and identified solutions. Chapter members identified that taking part in substance abuse not only disrespects one’s own dignity, but it also disrespects the dignity of those around them, especially friends and family.  They articulated that they know this is the case because it harms a person’s body, including a person’s respiratory health and brain function. They identified the debilitating effects of substance abuse and concluded that this does not promote a person’s freedom. The students concluded that they have an important role in ending substance abuse among teens.  They said they have the responsibility to educate family members, especially those younger, and to inspire friends and family to choose in ways that promote human dignity. 

The chapter has a great agenda prepared for the coming school year.  They will continue to meet for monthly discussions on topics relevant to high school students.  Additionally, they will participate in a Model United Nations simulation, a UN tour, the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women, a volunteer program helping homeless persons, and WYA’s Emerging Leader’s Conference and International Solidarity Forum (ISF).