Starfish – First Filipino Youth Empowerment Magazine

Should you have inspiring leadership stories you want to share to our fellow Filipino youth, we are encouraging you to have it published to Starfish Magazine – the First Filipino youth empowerment magazine. Our publication is a non-stock, non-profit publication run by volunteers mostly young professionals.

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The Ayala Young Leaders Alliance is the network of alumni of the annual summit of the Ayala Young Leaders Congress that gathers 70 of the most promising student leaders from universities and colleges all over the country. In its 8 th year, the alliance releases its official publication known as the Starfish Magazine, which aims to be a channel that actively promotes the goodness in the Filipino.

What originally started as the official AYLA publication now, the first ever-Filipino youth leadership magazine, Starfish endeavors to emerge as the herald of Filipino youth leadership. The articles focus on the role of the youth as a catalyst of national development while the opinions and editorial pieces hope to inspire and maybe influence positive action beyond issue awareness. Also, the feature stories highlight the best that the Filipino youth can be.

The men and women behind such an idea to come up with non-stock, non-profit publication are all volunteers bounded by the desire to uplift the Filipino youth. In the upcoming issues, Starfish wanted to widen its horizon and touch many lives as possible as we offer not only stories of servant leadership but opportunities for the young people to find their own starfish and create a difference. 

It is with great joy to be able to gather as many young leaders as possible in such a cause to sustain the first ever-Filipino youth leadership magazine.

WHAT Is Starfish?
Starfish is a youth leadership magazine dedicated to the Filipino youth crafted by young servant leaders from all over the country. More than being a quarterly publication, it endeavors to inspire, empower and uphold the youthful ideals by addressing topics from leadership and individual life experiences to national concerns that aim to invigorate the idealism and active involvement of the youth.

It concentrates on imparting to the youth the importance of having a clear vision of what they would like their community to be, and how to do it.